Giving Him Control / A Wife's Rear Training: Six Story Bundle

Giving Him Control / A Wife's Rear Training: Six Story Bundle

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This value-packed box set features the complete series of A Wife's Rear Training and Giving Him Control. Contains these six stories:

Backdoor Beginner (A Wife's Rear Training 1)
Lena thinks her sex life is just fine - until she catches her husband, Tom, using a cucumber in a very naughty way. His self-love session shocks her, but she can't deny that it turns her on, too.
Turns out Tom's got an anal fetish, and he's eager to show his wife just how good a bit of experimenting can feel.

Doing the Deed (A Wife's Rear Training 2)
Lena once thought anal play was something dirty and depraved. Then, with some gentle backdoor touching, her husband Tom changed her mind and sparked a lust for something more.
Now that she's warmed up to him, he's ready to give full-on penetration a chance, but Lena's worried. Won't it hurt like crazy? And how the heck can she fit something that big into a space so tight? Despite her fears, she's way too curious to back out now.

Going Deeper (A Wife's Rear Training 3)
Lena used to think her butt was an exit only - then her husband Tom turned that exit into an entrance. Backdoor play added a whole new dimension of intimacy to their marriage, but the fun isn't over yet.
Tom fantasizes about being penetrated by his wife, and when she learns about strap-ons and pegging, she's finally ready to give it a try. During her research, she even develops a curiosity about bondage and dirty talk. But Tom's a sweetheart in bed, and he'd never try to dominate her...or would he? Their upcoming eight-year anniversary is the perfect time to find out.

Begging for Spankings (Giving Him Control 1)
The first time Jayce spanked his wife, Mia, she warned him never to hit her again. His aggression frightened and confused her then, but that was years ago. Now, after a freak accident at work, Jayce feels hopeless and lost. Mia wants to help him, and she knows one surefire way to do it – she'll encourage his dominant side by asking him to spank her.
Bending to her husband's will is a scary thought, but she'll deal with a bit of pain for his sake. When that pain turns into pleasure, though, she realizes how erotic a night of submission can be.

Rising Dominance (Giving Him Control 2)
Mia just learned how much she likes being spanked and dominated in the bedroom. Bonus: it's helping her husband, Jayce, regain his confidence after a nasty accident on the job. But he's still not his usual self, and she can't figure out why.
Jayce never explained the accident to her – people got hurt, that's all he ever said. Then wealthy businessman Aaron calls Mia's office and tells her the whole truth. Aaron agrees that Jayce needs a kick in the pants, and he's got a few naughty ideas that just might do the trick.

Three's Company (Giving Him Control 3)
Mia's been married to Jayce for years, and she never knew he had such an aggressive side. He loves calling her names, giving her spankings, and telling her what to do. She thinks it can't get any better – until his friend, Aaron, gives him a few pointers on how to step up his game. Mia thinks Aaron is just as hot as her husband, and she fantasizes about having both men in her bed at once. But would Jayce ever agree to a threesome? If she's a good girl, she just might find out...

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